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All your data right into your Slack channels

Automatically integrate your Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter, Mailchimp, Mixpanel, Amplitude and Shopify data (many more to come!) as kpis into your Slack channels.

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How it works
Connect to your google analytics, Shopify, twitter, Mailchimp, Mixpanel, Amplitude and facebook insights account, datacard will take care of retrieving your data every night.
Choose what and how to show your data. Combine text, kpis and charts the way you want.
Easy to setup, yet powerful. You can setup datacard in less than 5 minutes and start receiving your data in your channels.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I contact you ?
For any question or issue regarding, please send us an email to
How much does it cost ? is currently in beta, you can signup for free accounts only for now. Paying plans are not available yet and will permit to set many more notifications and benefit from advanced features including more kpis, filters, charts and triggers.
Why does ask for "Access your team's profile information" permission? asks for team's profile permisssions in order to read your team's timezone settings. This information is used to set the time when data is updated in in order to make sure data retrieved is complete.
How many notifications can I set ? free version allows to create as many notifications as you want.
Do I have to implement tags on my website ?
No, you do not need to implement anything. uses data gathered by google analytics, Facebook Insights, Shopify, Mailchimp, Mixpanel, Amplitude and Twitter through their apis.
When is data updated ?
Shopify and Google Analytics information is updated at 5am local time (depending on the timezone defined in your Shopify and GA account) while data from Facebook insights, Mailchimp, Mixpanel, Amplitude and Twitter are updated at 5am based on your Slack timezone configuration.
Do you plan to include more data sources ?
Yes. can currently connect data from Google Analytics, Twitter, Mailchimp, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Facebook insights and Shopify but our roadmap includes many other solutions.
What data can I use ?
Google Analytics: Bounce Rate, bounces, Conversion Rate (transactions / sessions), Goals and Goal Conversions, Item quantity, new users, pageviews, sessions, pageviews per session, Revenue, Revenue per item, Revenue per transaction, session duration, transactions, users, visits per visitor.
Twitter: Followers, Followers/following ratio, Following, number of tweets, new tweets.
Facebook insights: Engagement, new likes, Organic Reach, Paid Reach, Page engaged users, Page Stories, Post Impressions, Total Likes, Total Reach, Unlikes, Viral impressions, Viral Reach.
Mailchimp: emails sent, opened and clicked (with corresponding rates) for automations and campaigns. Data is updated for campaigns sent less than 14 days ago.
Mixpanel: daily active users, weekly active users, monthly active users, total events and details for 5 events of your choice.
Amplitude: new users, 1 day active users, 30 days active users (only shown for last day of each month), revenue, 1 day arpu, 30 day arpu (only shown for last day of each month), avg session length and sessions per user (daily level), .
Shopify: Orders, Orders from new customers, Orders from returning customers, Revenue.
You are missing important kpis for your business ?
Please tell us, your feedback is very important to us and will permit to improve datacard. Send us an email to
Can you develop feature X or Y ? is currenly in beta, many features are still to come. Please send us your requests for new features at, we will be more than happy to take them into account!
What about my data ?
Your data is exclusively used to create your notifications, we do not share it with anybody. When you delete a connector from datacard all associated data disappear forever.